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I see the wind blow by the tree limbs dancing in a silhouette of the golden sun.
I rest and sit awhile, and ponder the word of God.  I feel the breeze upon my face, and the pages of my Holy Bible turn powered by the strength of the invisible wind.  I hear the rustling sounds, and I have peace with God.
I see the beauty all around me, and birds sing a sweet melody of praise.  They offer adoration to God who created them, and now filled with His Holy presence I offer my worship to LORD above.
I am Born-Again of the Spirit and His blood; washed and made whole and I have peace with God.
I know His mercy, and His loving-kindness; I long to see Him face to face.  I sit here and wonder why He blessed me so; He loves me completely, and for this moment right now, it’s recorded, I have peace with God.
A heart of gratitude, and filled with thanksgiving’s embrace.  I breathe in eternity.  He allows me to be near Him, and be filled with wonder and awe.
I will someday take my place with the faithful cloud of witnesses. I will stand near King David, and see the man called Elijah the prophet, and his fiery chariot; Abraham will embrace me, and Sarah by his side.  Amos and Habakkuk know me, and Nehemiah the reformer will share his testimony. 
Jerubbabel and Samuel, and Mary, His mother too.  We shall shout for victory, and kneel to our King;  His name is Jesus Christ, and I shall see Him face to face. I shall see the nail pierced scars, and place my hands upon him. 
For now I look towards the Heavens; I see the clouds above; my hope is in His promise, and I wait for the day when I shall meet Him in the sky.  A trumpet will blast and sound, and the dead in Christ will rise;  O’ glory of the Splendor for I have peace with God. 
His Holy Spirit leads me on this pilgrimage, and this world is not my home; Yes, the way is narrow, and the Gate is straight on through; but I am set and determined on this road I take.  He is the faithful Shepherd, and I amongst his lambs.  His name is on my forehead, and I am not ashamed.
Though times I stand alone here on earth, a testament like Job.  I see no one on my right hand, and no one at my left;  but my Father’s love surrounds me, as He leads me to the Pearly Gates renown.
With all the hustle and bustle of this materialist land, and the voices of strangers distracting me;  My heart, is His still alone, for I have peace with God.
Jesus’ banner over me is Love, as written in His word;  He is the lifter of my chin, and I hear His precious words of Promise:  grace and strength He covers me with. 
The battle is His alone.  I am His daughter, a daughter of God, who presses towards this mark – the gospel of Truth and Life I hold in my hand and in my heart, and in my mind to comfort me.  This I share with the lost, I have opportunity to meet, that they too can take their place, and be welcomed and received. He loving calls to them as well.  He would have all men saved; and repent from their evil ways. 
I long for the lonely, lost and dying to see Him lifted high, as Isaiah our prophet did so long ago.  To know their frailty, and be washed white as snow.
I open the word of God and read to them the Scripture inspired by His Holy Ghost; they can eat the Bread of Life; and drink the New Wine from His table:  His name is Jesus Christ; our Messiah.  His is the Holy Christ.
Believe on Him, dear soul; call upon His name.  Salvation is your invitation, leave this world behind.  A white robe of His righteousness He offers for His atoning sacrifice.
He is the Holy Lamb of God; our mediator between God and man; He is our advocate and wonderful counselor, the Son, the Great I AM.
Drink from the New Wine which He offers you; Living waters shall spring from your belly; and you shall thirst no more.  He says He will never leave you, nor forsake you; Trust in Him with all your heart;  Learn of all His ways: Commandments, judgments and statutes; precepts all in place.
I offer to you today, Come and have peace with God.
--Sister Kari Quijas
March 23, 2012
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